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Are you trying to find a guesthouse in Kodaikanal that is affordable? If so, you're at the proper location. In Kodaikanal, PVS Guest House provides the most comfortable and adaptable low-cost homestays. Our homestays, which are surrounded by gorgeous mountains and verdant surroundings, are sure to delight any traveler. You and your family or life partner will be able to truly explore and appreciate their Kodaikanal location without any problems at a reasonable cost.

Our finest hospitality at a low-cost homestay in Kodaikanal will satisfy our visitors. We provide the greatest homestays in Kodaikanal's central area. As a result, visitors will be happier with our homestay because it meets their needs and budget. You can unwind on our spacious veranda, have a seat by the fireplace in the hallway, or just hang out in our cozy area.

PVS Guest House
PVS Guest House
PVS Guest House

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